How to make Custom Ordres

I am able to take custom orders and make design proposals, based on your requirements. 


Step 1:

Send the following information to me: (If you don't have all the information, I will make recommendations. )

1. Knife type  (find inspiration here in my Knife Gallery)

2. Damascus: yes/no

3. Blade Length

4. Blade thickness

5. Total Knife lenght

6. Handle: Material and length

7. Kydex knife sheath: yes/no

8. A sketch or picture, if possible


Send a mail to with you requrements


Step 2:

Based on your requirement, I will make a design proposal, and send the following information to you:

1. Design proposal

2. Price

3. Delivery time



Step 3:

1. Final adjustment and approval of design and price

2. Creation of the knife

3. Payment 

4. Shipment


You have within 14 days of delivery to inform us, if you want to cancel your purchase. (see: Terms and conditions)


Best regards Johannes Perret-Gentil (Joe the Builder)